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Have you been wasting money or time or wasting your life and energy on a lot of negativity or "ideas about " from fuzzy-headed 'professors' and theorists and self-declared gurus who've never actually done anything except spew hot air.

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If you would love to step through a doorway to another realm here you will find  a single, all-under-one-roof, one-stop-shop source of legitimate, tested, proven even radical technologies and information to Live with the confidence, inspiration, and mindset to experience profound success and personal satisfaction in all areas of your life, relationship, health, money,   identifying and realizing true personal goals. Also  immunizing and insulating yourself from negativity and even escaping the martix of Beauratic Droneland....for dramatically increasing your income, decreasing your stress, and making yourself master rather than slave...

If you would love to find a 'place' to eliminate self-doubt and completely let go of negative thinking and self-talk and replace it with images and feelings of success."

If you would value feeling  instantly and continuously energized with plenty of stamina, strength, humor and power, discovering and connecting with  teachers  who weren't invented yesterday on the Internet...who have actually created wealth freedom and higher states of consciousness who routinely help ordinary people become wealthy free and happy for real  and can prove it...

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For 18 years my life has been about breaking free and helping others create an Ultimate Life Experience and shine their light and walk their path. I developed the ability to do this out of sheer desperation and necessity! It was either sink into the depths of despair or fly with the eagles. I KNOW exactly what it feels like to…

....have my health immobilized by an incurable disease, and then cure myself from it.
....perform Magic for people all over the world.

… watch my beautiful, loving wife and mother of my young children die of cancer, and to rebuild my life starting from ground zero.

… see the four corners of the Earth, have my story published in a best-selling book, and manifest incredibly successful businesses out of thin air.

....I have lived the deepest pains of life and sunk to the depths of despair. But I've also experienced the greatest joys!

In short, I'm no "flash in the plan" ivory tower theorist.

In short, I've earned my respect.  My experience is real world....diverse, helping you to step through a doorway to another realm becoming  wealthy (if you so choose) powerful and free by tapping  the true power and potential  of your own mind... with cutting edge technology

The subliminal programs and other information on my site have cost people well over the $802 mark to acquire.

This, obviously, is out of financial reach of tens of thousands of ordinary folks trying to figure all this from scratch - which is why I developed a different, easily accessible, easily affordable means of breaking free and growing from what has become:

"The Renegade Wizard Style of Living"...

You are having FUN in your life now! You have a hard time keeping a straight face and LOVE to laugh, play and share LOVE with others. You are one of the few people who know the secret.

.....Highly proven systematized  technology and information for accessing, expanding and instantly waking up and reprogramming the mind...  stepping out of the domain of the feeble-minded ....breakthrough subliminal technology, strategies and information..... liberating philosophy and practical advice for living way beyond the invisible prisoner of war camp -Bureautic Droneland. Beginning, as I said, with an entirely FREE 'test drive.'

Does your time fly? In the "Sleeping Man State" time flies. In the expansive aware state time slows down and your vista is suddenly more expansive and richer. You take on more light.

Simply put, while I can easily, quietly and very satisfactorily "feather my own nest"  I am not at all content with that.

I happen to admire, respect and, yes, care for anyone who wants to become truly more powerful expansive and free and live life on their own terms!  Becoming  a true individualist.

Our clients tell me - in droves - that my encouragement to them to pursue their freedom guilt-free, passionately and proudly, and to create independence and enjoy their rewards is as important to them as is the incredible collection of cutting edge "subliminal reprogramming tools and "income explosion" information and examples we bring to them every month.

As a Renegade Wizard  Insider, not only will you access powerful subliminal reprogramming technology you will also meet and be introduced to the most fascinating people....those absent fame, creating phenomenal freedom and lightness in their lives, as well as the most sought after and celebrated experts.

Just for example, I have interviewed people like Jack Zufelt ,best selling author of DNA of Success and famous for helping people identify their core desires, David MacGregor of Sovereign Life on how to live the Internationalist offshore life, R. Don Steele of, Eric Bedard world famous magician just to name a few.

But I'm a bit ahead of myself. We actually DELIVER TO YOU the ideas and inspiration you need to get in touch with that higher energy of life - like delivering a pizza to your door in a space shuttle!

We are 'THE place' where people seeking FAST AND DRAMATIC GROWTH and greater control, and real independence come together!

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First of all there are my famous magic videos that will absolutely blow people's minds, including the 3 card miracle that you may have received if you met me in person . Being able to perform at least some magic in your life is something you must experience on your journey. But it is just the tip of the iceberg to where I am going to take you in accessing and tapping the hidden powers of your mind and creating a life of wealth power and freedom if you so choose.

So let me start with the most powerful reprogramming tool on the planet

You simply WATCH these subliminal videos on your computer for a few minutes per day to experience dramatic results -- FAST!

This is the groundbreaking video message series that is currently setting the business world on fire. Watch the videos and quickly manifest wealth, posses the relationship of your dreams, and skillfully turn your life in ANY direction you wish!

The Intelligent Warrior Subliminal VIDEO Message Series was professionally produced using newly available scientific breakthroughs. Nearly two decades of experience in subliminal messaging  brings these powerful techniques to you with GUARANTEED RESULTS!

If you believe that your habitual thoughts in your mind control your life you are right! And these subliminal videos are the most amazing way to change those thoughts to extremely empowering ones all the time. Just using this technology alone for 20 minutes per day will be literally worth 1000 times more than what you will pay in  a year to stay a Renegade Wizard Insider Circle Member.

You will automatically eliminate obstacles "almost without effort" by engaging "manifestation power" which PULLS your "picture" to you -- FOR YOU!

The Intelligent Warrior 1 -- Introduction to the World's most POWERFUL Mind Control Method!

The Intelligent Warrior 2 -- Superior Technique ... posses ultimate confidence in your skills!

The Intelligent Warrior 3 -- Achieve Your Social Potential ... you'll LOVE life like never before!

The Intelligent Warrior 4 -- Aggressive Manifestation ... your new, vibrant energy conquers all that holds you back!

The Intelligent Warrior 5 -- Unstoppable Confidence ... no one can discourage you, no one can stop you, nothing stands in your way!

The Intelligent Warrior 6 -- Social Mastery For Men & Women ... you receive new power and mastery in relationships, love, and with the other sex!

The Intelligent Warrior 7 -- Manifest Money, Power, Sex & Love In 10 Hours! ... leave social anxiety behind, earn 10 times more!

Total Value $198

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This Amazing Video Extinguishes Self-Doubt, Powers Up Your Creativity, Leads You To Remarkable Solutions -- and Re Programs you to increase your income 500%

Attitude of Gratitude

The first requirement for wealth in all areas of life.

Love and Luxury

You are a Genius -- Intelligent AND Rich!!! When The BIG MONEY starts to flow, you realize that BEING A GENIUS is...   Easier Than You Think!

Live the Good Life

This is the original, the one that started it all!

Banish Pain

You are Healthy, Hopeful, Happy and ALIVE! You Feel Positive, Sexy, Powerful, Full of Faith and Fun! YOU FEEL GOOD!!!

The Clarity Required To Feel Good Is Sometimes Out Of Our Reach! Emotional, Physical, Mental and Spiritual Un-Easiness can slam the door shut on ANY positive manifestations. People in pain can ONLY manifest MORE pain and health problems...   UNTIL NOW! Now you can Banish Pain and Feel Relieved, Hopeful, Happy and FEEL GOOD -- Right Now -- Today!!  Once you FEEL GOOD, you can manifest anything you want!Fully Released: Manifestation Master V -- "Make All Your Dreams Come True!"

Manifestation Mastery   This May Be The Most Significant Advancement In The History of Mind Power Programming EVER Developed!!!

Nothing... and I mean NOTHING Compares To What We Have Seen Happen With This System!

Angelic Attraction   Imagine YOUR LIFE after internalizing these beliefs:

- I am strong, powerful and independent.
- I use my seduction skills to help other people make good decisions.
- I am in great shape physically and I exercise at least 1 hour per day.
- I love and enjoy outdoor activities.
- I keep myself well groomed every time I leave my house.
- I love physical contact with other people.
- I have positive intention with others to make their life better.
- I make other people feel important and loved with sincerity, kindness and compassion.
- I help at least 1 person each day for free — and for fun.
- I am very attractive.

There are many things at work here in the world aside from the physical plane. The spiritual world and the “attraction” world is the place to start when it comes to connecting with others in a positive, nurturing, win-win way. Daily use of subconscious programming actually CREATES a personal magnetism about you that money can’t buy. Remember, I said DAILY… that means you have
to use it DAILY for 5-10 minutes minimum!

After using Angelic Attraction — The Powerful Seduction Subliminal Video System:

- You have a powerful attraction field, or vibration that “demands” attention.

- You have a good balance between sexiness, cockiness and humor that is very attractive.

- You enjoy your life and the many relationships you are involved in.

- You are attractive spiritually, physically, emotionally and intellectually.

- You attract people without even trying… You are just being YOURSELF

"My Wife & I got a pre-release copy of this in December. We
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-Tom Robinson, San Diego, CA USA

Imagine that all YOUR thoughts are CENTERED on these Beliefs...

- I Make It Happen Right Now!
- I Have Amazing Spiritual Power!
- I Embrace Opportunity & Work Hard!
- I Am VERY Strong & Courageous!
- I Feel Great & Look Great!
- I Am Attracting HUGE Wealth Now!
- I Am The Best In The World Today!
- People Are Attracted To Me Now!
- I Treat Myself Better Each Day!
- I Love Myself More & More Each Day!
- I Am Now A Millionaire Right Now!
- All My Dreams Have Come True!

Access to 6 of my favorite easy to master Incredible Magic Videos that you will learn easily  literally blow anybody away with. Learning magic automatically raises you self esteem and confidence and quickly makes you a favorite and the life of the party  in any social situation. And if you are single and want to meet someone their is no better way.

Every month I add new magic videos to choose from.

Value of these alone $108   Value of what you will receive from mastering just 1 or 2 effects - priceless

Access to the vault - the Entire Stuart Goldsmith Inner Circle  10 manual Collection

One part of Inner Circle teaching exposes the illusions or "con-tricks" which keep you poor, trapped and powerless. To expose these illusions this course tells you the blunt truth - about yourself and about the world. Some people find Inner Circle materials shocking, or even offensive. In short, people do not like having their security blanket snatched away from them!

So be  prepared to have your illusions stripped away. I will tell you here and now that you cannot become a powerful, successful and free individual if you "sign up" for one or more illusions . Money is made in this world by facing the facts of reality. Power and freedom are obtained by waking up to the truth about yourself, other people and the world.

For example, have you noticed how seemingly impossible it is to make more than a modest wage, without someone trying (successfully) to take it away from you? Have you noticed that? Strange, isn't it? Just when you think you are getting ahead of the game, WHAM! along comes something to knock you down, time after time.

It doesn't seem to matter how much you struggle and strive, you never quite seem to make it.

True, or what?

Have you ever wondered why, despite an epidemic of religion across the globe, the world is still a mess? Have you ever questioned the scale of government bureaucracy and wondered where it was all leading? Have you ever sighed in frustration at the distorted lies of the media and wondered if you are ever told the truth about anything?

Are you sick to death of never having enough money even to pay your bills, let alone enjoy the good things in life? And are you heartily tired of being pushed around by society, bosses, spouses, religions, governments and anyone else who feels like conning you out of your life values?

Your own Personal "Money-Pump" if you choose

Although power and freedom are desirable, many people  are interested in making money. There are only two legal ways to make a lot of money:

i) Start and run your own business.

ii) Sit back and rely on luck (lottery, pools, marrying into money or getting an inheritance)

There are no other legal ways and you will never make the big bucks working for someone else --in case you hadn't noticed! So one of my urgent tasks is to find you a "money-pump" business which suits you and at which you can make a lot more money than at present. Ideally you should aim to work half as hard and get twice the money. Hundreds of thousands of people do exactly this, so why not you? I am assuming that you are not the sort of person to rely on luck but want to steer your own "ship of prosperity" instead of drifting with the tide.

By "money-pump" business, I mean a business with four great advantages . . .

i) Ideally suited to you and your personality. This will be individual to you and so Inner Circle members are offered hundreds of different proven "money-pump" businesses to chose from.

ii) A "money-pump" which keeps pumping wealth into your account, day and night, with minimum attendance and work from you. (All businesses require some work of course, so if you are not prepared to put some real energy into making yourself wealthy, the Circle is definitely not for you.)

iii) A business which can be run from home initially and started with absolute rock-bottom minimum money - preferably zero. 90% of Inner Circle members are flat broke when they join. Let's face it, it's easy to make money if you have a lot already.

iv) A business which offers at minimum double your present salary. Preferably ten times. It should also have the potential to make you independently wealthy one day. By "independently wealthy" I mean you have enough "in the bank" so that you can live off the interest and never have to work again if you don't want to. Currently, the absolute minimum you need to count yourself in this category is $625,000.

(Thousands of this course have been sold for  $439.70 . This material is more relevant today than ever.

You can access all the course material instantly right now by test driving my Renegade Wizard Insiders Circle membership.

But Wait... There's Plenty More!!!!!

Actually to tell you the truth  $802 is an understatement of the value of  materials on my Insiders Circle membership site.

What is listed above is only a partial list as their are articles, interviews, new subliminal videos and other books added every month.

You might ask

As you can see, the access to $802 of FREE information are real prices, not some "made-up numbers"

Now we do have 2 requirements that you must meet in order to participate in this FREE Invitation:

  1. You Must Make A Commitment to watch 20 minutes of subliminal videos for a week, read and browse the ebooks and courses. After all, I can guarantee you if you don't do this…nothing will change in your life and level of freedom.
  2. You Must Be Ethical & Honest and not use any of the information we provide you with anything that is illegal. We run a very honest business and only want to associate ourselves with honest people

Okay you're probably wondering, what's the catch? Why am I  David Kendall giving you access to my Renegade Wizard Insiders Membership with  $802 of pure powerful technology and information  for FREE?

It's really simple! I am  trying to get you "hooked!" That's right. I'm shamelessly attempting to get you "addicted" to our life enhancing technology and information. Look, if I truly can inject you with enthusiasm and the power and advice to control and love your life like never before  you'd be silly not to continue, right? Of course!!!

But on the other hand, if we don't deliver the goods we don't deserve your money. It's as simple as that. This way you're the sole, judge and if need be, executioner.

Here's how this whole thing works:

To access the Insiders Circle Membership site for 10 days for Free , all you have to do is click the link below that says (Click Here To Take Advantage Of This Opportunity). You will simply fill out the application and you will be charged nothing and you can access everything on the site.

Frankly, you've got to experience everything during the 10 days for yourself because anything I say  just doesn't matter until you try it.

After the FREE, full 10 days to see whether or not we are "in sync" with you… for you to see for yourself just how thrilled you are with everything you discover here… then we'll simply, automatically charge you the lowest fee to continue your Renegade Wizard Insiders Membership, only $19.99 per month

You can, of course, cancel this arrangement and leave us anytime you like; No hassles. No hard feelings.

If, at anytime, at the end of the 10 day test drive or anytime afterward, you feel we're failing you, just say 'cancel' and it's done. Our Members do appreciate the convenience of the automatic credit card charge, so they never need worry about renewals or missing any of the benefits of membership.

We bear the responsibility to earn your continued interest, involvement and trust. We are committed to multiplying your enjoyment on this planet and to expressing your right to happiness liberty and freedom.

Now, why wouldn't you accept this free offer while we're still making it available?

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David Kendall