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Many don't work at all, most work only a little, yet new technology brings you real results —dramatically and fast.

So report the nation's leading authorities, Drs. Lee and Joyce Shulman, psychologists and authors of Subliminals: The New Channel to Personal Power. New brands spring up like mushrooms. The New York Times called this a "brave new industry taking bookstores by storm."

Many audio producers, too eager for profits, yet without expertise, have filled the market with worthless recordings.

Yet at the same time, new technological breakthroughs now bring us the most powerful audio programs yet produced.

That's why you should have this special report by Susannah Lippman, published by Alphasonics, the company that pioneered the new technology, whose audio programs were chosen by the Drs. Shulman after comparison testing all the brands.


Don't Buy a Subliminal Audio Until You Read This Special Report!

That old adage about not judging a book by its cover applies even more to tapes and CDs, which can't be leafed through by curious shoppers. Some of the prettiest packaging covers the poorest products. Yet to dismiss subliminals is to deprive ourselves of amazingly powerful tools for self change. Once they free us from old limitations, we can reach our higher goals.

Groundbreaking New Report Reveals

  • Five popular myths about subliminals
  • The truth behind the conflicting research reports
  • The Tape Shopper's Check List: 14 things to look for to be sure you get your money's worth
  • How to evaluate those you already have
  • Four personal preferences that determine which ones you'll enjoy (and so keep using)
  • How and why subliminals work: an inside look at the new technology
  • Eleven unique advantages subliminals have over other self help methods

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  • Learn how subliminals can give you effortless weight control for a lifetime
  • How you can build confidence, reach peak performance in work, studies, The arts or sports
  • How you can conquer habits like smoking, alcohol and drugs—even procrastination—without the struggle
  • How you can relieve stress, enhance healing, deepen relaxation & sleep
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If this sounds too good to be true, remember that it's usually only our own mental programming that holds us back!

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A Special Report


The Subliminal Soundtrack Shoppers' Guide

How to avoid wasting money on useless products and find those that work for your goals


  • Want to increase confidence and reach peak performance in work, studies, the arts or sports.
  • Want to create more wealth and prosperity in your life.
  • Want to attract more loving relationships.
  • Want to relieve stress, relax more completely, sleep more deeply and awake more refreshed.
  • Want effortless weight control for the long term.
  • Want to conquer habits like smoking, alcohol, drugs — even procrastination — without the struggle.
  • Want to enhance health and healing

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Dear Friend,

Your decision to read this report will probably be one of the best decisions you have ever made. You see, what you're about to find out is something more valuable to you than any possession you own or even think of owning. Yes, I mean it — cars, houses, anything!

What you are going to discover is a key — a golden key — that unlocks the potential of your own mind. This key allows you to access your subconscious, so you can change the programming. So that you can change unwanted habits of thought and action to what you want them to be.

Why is this so important? We mortals are all creatures of habit. Habits go very deep. They are held in the subconscious part of our minds. Decisions we make consciously are all very nice indeed, but they don't go deep enough. Not deep enough to make real changes or to make them stick. We all know people who make wonderful promises to themselves, only to find they keep slipping back into well worn patterns. Perhaps you're one of those people. Most of us are.

Let's take an example. If you've smoked for years, your mind is programmed as a smoker. All the horror stories about how black your lungs are and how soon you will die may convince you to quit, but they won't make quitting easy. Not as long as your mind is still programmed as a smoker. In fact, until you change your subconscious programming, quitting is impossible.

The same is true, not only for habits like smoking, drugs, and alcohol, but for internal habits like procrastination or not managing your time. Then there are the habits of thought, possibly the worst of all because they are so subtle. You may not even know you have them. If you grew up in poverty, you may have habits of thinking like a poor person, and even if you win the lottery or inherit millions, that thinking can keep sabotaging you until you're right back where you started. There are habits like putting yourself down, not believing in your own abilities, believing that you will always be overweight or in poor health, that you are unattractive or stupid, or that you will never find a fulfilling loving relationship — all habits of thought that can keep you stuck where you are for the rest of your life.

But think about this: It's highly likely that your habits of thought are ALL THAT'S holding you back — the only thing preventing you from having everything you've ever wanted in life. I really do mean everything — health, wealth, love, career, happiness — everything.

The reality is that you can have it all. Now here's the bad news and the good news. The bad news is you can't get it by sitting around waiting for someone else to do it for you. It's up to you. The good news is the same news: It's up to you. That means you're not at anyone's mercy. And you're not a victim of your own past. You can change it!?

Now I'm not trying to tell you that subliminal audios will do all these wonderful things for you. They can, however, help remove your limitations. Then you can do these wonderful things for yourself! You can live up to your own highest potential.

Now, stop a minute and take stock: If those last sentences triggered any self doubts, if you heard a little voice saying, "Who me? Do wonderful things? I'm not so sure," you just heard a perfect example of your subconscious undermining your own confidence. Back to what I was saying.

Your conscious mind is only the tip of the iceberg. Your subconscious is the vastly stronger and more powerful part of your mind, the part that's really in charge. How can you reach your subconscious? Most self help methods address only your conscious mind, and if you're lucky a little bit filters down to your subconscious.

FACT: Scientific investigation has shown that subliminal techniques can and do access your subconscious mind to change thinking patterns and behavior.

Have you tried subliminal s in the past? If so, there are two possibilities: They either worked for you or they did not.

If the results were disappointing, the chances are you had weak tapes. So don't give up.

On the other hand, if you got good results — in fact even a glimmer of hope, the chances are still that you got weak tapes! Until recently, that's all that was available. But if you got any results at all, it means you are probably one of those lucky people who responds especially well to subliminal learning. So if you had success with inferior tapes you are an ideal candidate for great results with our new super powerful ones!

Either way, you have a rare and wonderful treat in store for you now. If you're really serious about reaching your goals, this report will show you exactly how to select the right tools to do it for you. And I know you can do it!

So read on and discover!



Many don't work at all, most work only a little, but some really do give you the rapid, lasting results you've hoped for.

So report the nation's leading authorities on subliminals, Dr. Lee M. Shulman, Ph.D., and Dr. Joyce Shulman, Ph.D., the first to do comparative testing of the many brands available.

So what's going on? Subliminal tapes have captured the public consciousness. After all, they have the potential to bring us our fondest dreams. In other words, they're hot! The New York Times described it as a "brave new industry taking bookstores by storm." Newsweek called it a boom industry. Even the prestigious economic forecaster, the Kiplinger Letter predicted this as a growing business trend. New audio companies spring up like mushrooms.

As a result, many audio producers, too eager for profits, without the needed expertise, are filling the market with worthless products.

Yet at the same time, recent technological breakthroughs now bring us the most powerful audio programs yet produced. These new tapes and CD's not only work, they work fast and give people really dramatic results with problems they've struggled with for a lifetime.

The Drs. Shulman, leading psychologists with an impressive set of credentials, set out, along with co-author, Gerald P. Rafferty, Ph.D., to find out objectively whether subliminals worked. (Footnote#1) After years investigating this intriguing subject, reviewing all the scientific research and testing the available brands, they reported their findings in their book, Subliminal: The New Channel to Personal Power : "Many [subliminal audios] didn't work at all. Few lived up to their stated expectations." Then they describe their "surprise and delight" as they discovered a whole new generation of "high-tech subliminal tapes" representing a "huge leap forward in effectiveness." (Footnote#2)

How to be sure you're getting the most effective audio programs

The information you need to tell good products from the worthless is all here in this special report by Alphasonics, the company who pioneered the new technology, the company whose programs were chosen, after comparison testing, by the Drs. Shulman for their patients and for themselves. This report tells you how you can take advantage of all the benefits (and there is a truly splendid array of benefits in store for you!) without wasting your time and money (and your hopes and dreams!) on valueless products.

Don't be fooled by appearances.

That old adage about not judging a book by its cover applies even more strongly to tapes and CD's, which cannot be "leafed through" by curious shoppers. Don't be misled by a gorgeous sunset on the wrapper. Some of the prettiest packaging covers the poorest products.

Yet to dismiss subliminals completely is to deprive yourself of an amazingly powerful tool for self change, a tool which lets you break through limitations and frees you to reach your highest goals.

First, choose your goals.

Maybe you'd like to be free, once and for all, of a struggle with your weight. What if a subtle shift inside you could attract an abundance of love and money into your life? Can you picture what that would be like? What if you could meet the world radiating the glow of inner confidence, and clear away the barriers between you and peak performance in your work, in studies, the arts or sports? Or perhaps you could use some help handling stress, achieving inner calm, sleeping deeply and waking up feeling fresh and alive. Maybe there's a habit you'd like to beat — like smoking, drugs, alcohol or even procrastination — so you could really be in charge again. These ideas are just a starting point. Look within yourself and come up with your own goals. The list of possibilities is virtually endless. (You'll read more about them later.)

Can subliminals help you do all this?

The answer is both yes and no. Some can. Some can't. The sad part is that when people try an inferior tape, which doesn't work for them, they often judge all subliminals by that experience. They make the mistake of assuming that all subliminals are the same.

Suppose a primitive tribesman were catapulted into our high tech society, and the very first car he tried to drive had a dead battery. If he went around on foot the rest of his life, insisting that "cars don't work," we would think it odd that he didn't realize that all cars aren't alike. Everybody knows that all foods are not alike, and all music is not alike, even that all shampoos are not alike. Yet the public is finally just beginning to realize that "All subliminals are not alike!" The next time you hear one of those "Subliminals do work/don't work" discussions, try raising the level of the dialogue by interjecting that idea. Everybody gets to be right, and everybody gets to learn something new.



MYTH #1: Subliminal programs might make you do something you don't want to do. Untrue. They can help you reach your goals, but they must be your goals for them to work. You are still very much in charge.

Some part of you must want the change. For example, in a struggle to lose weight, there is usually a battle between the part of you that wants a slender body and the part of you that wants the piece of fudge cake, the part of you that vows to go on a diet and the part of you that puts it off till tomorrow. Subliminals can strengthen your motivation for change and help you toward your goal. They cannot make you do something that you have no desire to do.

Notice that in the experiment in the movie theater, back in the fifties, in which subliminal suggestion sent popcorn and soft drink sales skyrocketing, a hundred percent of the movie goers did not buy those items — only those who were predisposed to do so. Subliminals cannot make you do anything you're not interested in or don't believe in, and certainly not anything against your ethics or value system.

MYTH #2: If you have never used a subliminal tape or CD your mind has not been subliminally programmed. Untrue! Some people say things like, "I'm not going to put anything subliminal into my brain!" For these people, I have news: Every one of us on the planet is being subliminally programmed every second of every day of our lives. Whether we like it or not.

Why? Because all the sounds in our environment that are a little bit out of the range of conscious hearing are heard by the subconscious part of the mind. Also, all sounds that are loud enough to be heard but are "drowned out" by something louder are also heard by the subconscious.

That means when you passed that construction site this morning, that remark on your anatomy, buried beneath the jackhammer's roar was heard by you subliminally. The same is true of conversations at other tables in restaurants, and all those TV commercials you don't listen to, even if you've gone to the kitchen. The same is true for all the sights and sounds, (and smells and tastes and touches) around you from the very beginning of your life to the present! (In computer terms, that's a pretty big data base! It's a good thing there's plenty of memory.) That's why, for example, a witness to a hit and run accident, under hypnosis, can often pull up, from that memory bank, a license plate number which flashed past their field of vision without being memorized or even consciously noticed.

The problem is that so much of this input is negative. We are bombarded from all sides with blaring radios, angry words, harsh criticisms, distorted advertising slogans, lies and manipulations. As children we received about twenty negative messages for each positive one. Much of it may have been intended as constructive criticism, but it registered negatively in our subconscious minds. It programmed us to believe that we were not really satisfactory the way we were. (And all the degrees and awards and accolades we can win somehow don't erase that feeling of not being quite enough.) It programmed our minds with certain limiting beliefs that keep on holding us back, even after we consciously accept new, more growth producing ideas.

Subliminals give you a choice — a way of flooding your mind with enough positive input, to offset the negative. Subliminals can set you free.

MYTH # 3: Subliminal programming is something strange and mysterious. So anyone who knows enough to make a subliminal tape must have a lot of special high tech information. Wrong. If somebody just turned on the bath water very loud and talked into a little hand held tape recorder the result would be — by definition — a subliminal tape. Now don't get any ideas. It would be worthless, but it could be correctly called "subliminal."

What this means is that nearly every Tom, Dick and Harry who believes there are millions to be made in subliminals is now getting into the act. Some of them are putting out little more than "bathtub variety" subliminals.

What does this mean for you? It means that instead of just a few, there are now many dozens of brands to choose from. All the conflicting claims and the hype have created a lot of confusion on a subject that (fortunately for some bogus manufacturers) most people know very little about. That's why we've created this set of guidelines to give you the information you need to keep from getting ripped off.

MYTH #4: If I can't hear it, it can't possibly help me. Actually you can (in the true meaning of the word) "hear" it. Just not on a conscious level. It's the subconscious part of your brain rather than the conscious part that picks up the signal. So you're not aware that you're hearing it.

It's as if you and I are having a conversation on an airport runway. A jet plane comes in, and even though we're still talking, we can no longer hear each other. At least not consciously. The plane has "drowned out" our voices. But the sounds of our conversation are still vibrating in our ears and sending messages to our brain. The difference is that now it's the subconscious portion of our brains. Since the subconscious is the part that's really in charge, this affects us much more than what we hear consciously.

So subliminal technology is not voodoo. It's not magic, although the results sometimes seem like it! It's very real in the physical sense.

MYTH #5: Taking in a large number of messages would confuse my brain. NOT EVEN CLOSE! Our brains are truly wonderful things! In that small space inside your head is a highly sophisticated instrument whose capabilities dwarf the largest, most powerful computers ever devised. We use only a tiny fraction of our brain's vast capacity. It's been estimated at about 5%. Albert Einstein is said to have used 8%. What if you could double your capacity? Just think how that would change your life! The right subliminals can help toward that!


Let's take a look at how subliminals are made: A series of short positive sentences like, "I am calm and confident," or "I am relaxed," are read into a microphone and recorded. Then a covering sound, such as water sounds or music, is recorded over it at a higher volume. That's the basic minimum. But a tape like that would give you little or no result. Yet through advanced technology, they can be made to pack incredible power. This Tape Shoppers' Check List reveals what it takes to make it happen for you.



Fourteen things to look for to help you find the ones that will work for you

How to be sure you get your money's worth? How to tell if you're being ripped off?

How to evaluate the tapes and CD's you already have? Here's what to look for:

1. Are the messages in stereo?

Most subliminals use stereo only for the covering music or nature sounds, while the messages themselves are on a single track. Many companies, including at least one of the leading brands, tell us proudly that their messages are in stereo, but what they don't tell us is that both channels are identical! This entirely defeats the purpose of stereo! For them "stereo" is only a marketing gimmick. Alphasonics programs have separate channels scripted differently for right and left brain hemispheres. Yet this is extremely rare, as only an estimated one to two percent of the brands have this feature. It is extremely important, since the two sides of the brain take in information in entirely different ways. An affirmation scripted clearly for one side of the brain is heard by the other side as if it were spoken in Outer Mongolian. It just doesn't get through.

2. How many messages are on the tape or CD?

The basic minimum is in the 1000 to 1500 range. That's the number of short sentences you can read in an hour. (Most tapes are a half hour on each side and most CD's are an hour total.) A few manufacturers have increased that. If they've gone to the extra trouble and expense of doing that, believe me they will tell you! So if they don't mention it, assume it's the minimum. A few increase the number to 2,000 to 3,000 and fewer still to the 20,000 range. One or two claim 100,000. Alphasonics has the only technology we have found, capable of putting over a million messages on a one hour cassette or CD, in real time. It would take over 600 ordinary no-frills audio programs, played simultaneously on over 600 audio players to equal this.

Now the question people ask at this point is, "Can the mind absorb all this?" The answer is a resounding YES! And if you don't believe me you are greatly underestimating the vast potential of that incredible organ inside your skull. Scientists such as Carl Sagan and researchers at UCLA have agreed that our subconscious minds can process at least a hundred million bits of information per second!

You and I and all the rest of us are under utilizing that brain of ours. That's what this subliminal business is all about, at the core of it — to help us use more and more of our brain power. The possibilities are truly exciting. What if we could reverse learning disabilities, even retardation? We don't know. Some early signs do point in that direction. The research which can tell us is greatly needed!

3. Are the messages speeded up?

Having said all that about large numbers of messages being a plus, I should caution you about one thing. Nearly all the manufacturers who are increasing the number of messages are doing it by speeding them up. It's called "time compression," and it's very controversial. Many experts say that once it gets past the speed where it sounds like Alvin the chipmunk, the words blur together into a meaningless high pitched squeal, which is just as unintelligible to the subconscious as to the conscious.

There's another method that avoids this problem: layering one sound track over another. It's the technique that allows recording artists to sing duets, trios, quartets with themselves. This works well, but until recently the number of tracks which could be used effectively was severely limited.

Then came the invention of an entirely new kind of sophisticated multi-tracking system, developed in the laboratories of Alphasonics. It allows for the layering of 240 or more separate sound tracks! This makes it possible to put well over a million messages on a one-hour cassette or CD, in what is known as "real time." No high speed recording is used! No squeal!

A couple of audio companies (ones without high tech capabilities whose tapes carry only a minimal number of messages) have made a desperate attempt to discredit their competitors. They've taken to warning the public about tapes with large numbers of messages, citing the "squeal" factor. They're probably right about the high speed recordings. The trouble is, they assume that high speed recording is the only method of increasing the number. Although they claim to be electronic experts, they are apparently not yet even aware of the existence of multi-tracking.

4. Do they have themes and sub-themes?

The extra capacity for so many messages allows technicians to combine several scripts on one tape or CD. A main theme can now be supported by several related sub-themes. A "Stop Smoking" program can carry sub-themes to curb accompanying weight gain, promote will power, confidence and calm. "Weight Control" can heighten self esteem, promote exercise and calm nervous eaters. On an even deeper level, it can help the user conquer fears and food obsessions and develop healthy eating habits for the long term. Since it's the special multi-tracking system that makes this possible, no company other than Alphasonics has been able to do this.

5. Is there a special introduction to prepare you?

Is there an introduction which readies you for the rest of the messages? Alphasonics has developed a special Preparative Induction™. This means that the first five minutes of each side is designed to put you into a more receptive state. Since it's also subliminal, you're not aware of it consciously, but it can greatly increase your response to the program. We have not seen this feature anywhere else at all.

6. Are Alpha and Theta waves increased?

Does the tape or CD in question have a method for increasing your Alpha and Theta brain waves to promote greatest receptivity? If not, you may remain in Beta, a state in which the affirmations will have little effect. (This helps to explain why some programs don't work.) This is easily verified, since the brain states are testable with laboratory equipment. In fact many simple, inexpensive biofeedback devices give you a fairly good idea of this as well.

Why is this important? It is well known that you are most receptive when you are relaxed and open. Much of the time, you're in the Beta state, the ordinary, mundane state of mind, the one you're in when you pay your bills and empty the garbage. In the Alpha state you are calm and relaxed, yet alert and clear headed. In fact it has been said that, given the correct information, you cannot make a wrong decision in the Alpha state. This is the best state for listening to most subliminals. In the Theta state you are even more relaxed and receptive, but not alert enough to go about your usual activities, as you are in Alpha. (That's why Theta is used only for programs promoting sleep and rest.) Biofeedback practitioners have reported that Alphasonics programs put people into Alpha and Theta more quickly than any method they have seen. A great many audios on the market do not address this goal at all.

7. Are the scripts entirely positive?

Who would write a negative script? Hardly anybody does this intentionally. But a lot of well meaning amateurs write sentences like, "Sugar is poison," and "Tobacco is poison," planting negative seeds in the mind and creating new problems for the user. This is horrendous! Suppose you never ate another dessert for the rest of your life (and who among us would make a promise like that!) What about hidden sugar in restaurant food, or natural fruit sugar in the apple you eat? What about a non-smoker in a smoke filled room? There's enough negativity coming into our minds every day, without adding more! When you use a negative suggestion there is always some unfortunate price to pay. It's universal law of nature.

We even came across one company (which shall remain nameless) whose weight loss tape actually has us visualizing our food turning to maggots on the plate! Heaven preserve us! Could they actually be trying for anorexia?

Take another example from a third brand: "I am happy because I don't smoke." Words like "don't" and "not" are generally not perceived by the subconscious. So it hears "I am happy because I smoke." Is it any wonder that the tape doesn't work?

Not sure if you believe that? Let's actually do a mind experiment. I'm going to help you break a habit, and just to make it easy, I'll pick a habit you don't even have. I'll say to you, "Don't think of a purple tiger!" Now, are you thinking of a purple tiger more or less than you were ten minutes ago? How much effect did the word "don't" have on you? Not much, you say? You say you're still thinking of it anyway? You just can't resist, can you!

But I really want to help you break your purple tiger habit, so what if I say, "Don't think of a purple tiger!" to you over and over thousands of times a day? You say that wouldn't help? You think it would just keep reminding you of purple tigers? (Just as "Don't smoke" reminds you to smoke!) I guess you're really hooked on this habit of yours. Now what if I gave you a positive suggestion to think of something else so interesting that you forgot all about purple tigers? Now we're onto something! Notice it's the positive suggestions that work.

The point of all this is that the scripts must be written by professionals with a thorough understanding of the subconscious mind. At Alphasonics, our scripts are prepared by a doctor who not only has this expertise but has used sophisticated biofeedback equipment to test the responses of the body to specific words and phrases. Scripting is not done by guesswork.

8. Are the scripts written in the language of the subconscious?

The subconscious is very childlike. It takes everything literally. Sentences must be short, simple and direct. They must avoid complicated "if" and "when" clauses. "If I eat too much I will get fat," could be heard by the subconscious as "I eat too much. I will get fat." Could this ever backfire! A sentence like that — in fact any long involved sentence — is a sure tip off that the writers have no idea what they are doing.

9. Are they in the present tense?

The subconscious knows only the present. A good script avoids the future tense. After all, the future is always ahead of us. It is always "now." For example, "I will succeed," doesn't work as an affirmation. It tells the mind that you are not succeeding now. It puts it off into a future that never comes.

10. Is there non-verbal reinforcement?

Do the programs depend entirely on verbal affirmations, or do they incorporate the whole range of sounds which the human ear can hear? (So as not to send you on a frustrating wild goose chase, it's only fair to tell you that Alphasonics has pioneered this unique technology, and you're unlikely to find anything like this elsewhere. It's a type of Substimulation™ called Neurosonic Attunement™, and it refers to a whole series of tones and frequencies which resonate in specific glands and organs to balance and integrate and reinforce the verbal. It also involves certain rhythmic patterns, used subliminally. All this is carefully orchestrated to accompany the verbal messages. (Footnote#3) This technique is very powerful, perhaps even more powerful than the verbal affirmations. So when it is combined with them to form a Dual Technology™ you can think of it as more than doubling the impact of the subliminal messages.

11. Are the scripts tested and approved by professionals?

If it isn't mentioned on the package, you can be fairly sure they're not. Here again, any company who's gone to the trouble and expense of doing this would be foolish not to say so. Although saying so doesn't make it true, not saying so is a big tip off. All Alphasonics scripts are written and reviewed by a panel of qualified health care professionals, so that you can be entirely confident about using them.

12. Is there a moneyback guarantee on results?

No self respecting subliminal program is without one. A cheap one without a guarantee is no bargain! Chances are you're wasting your money. A costlier product with a guarantee may be worth hundreds of times its price. Remember that your goal is not to own a tape or CD but to get results! All Alphasonics programs carry an extra generous 365 day guarantee on results, the longest in the industry.

13. Is there a warranty on materials and workmanship?

Defective products should be replaceable. Magical Mind Enterprises will replace your tape or CD if it's defective. In fact, we extend that offer for your entire lifetime!

14. Test the tapes and CD's yourself!

If you know how to use kinesiology it's an ideal way to test quickly whether a program is right for you. If you aren't familiar with it, read Chapter 9 of Subliminal: The New Channel to Personal Power, or other books in your library or bookstore. (Footnote#4) Of course the ultimate test is to try the programs for yourself! The proof is in the pudding. If there's a money-back guarantee you have nothing to lose.


(and so continue using)

1. Covering sounds.

This is largely a matter of personal preference. It's usually nature sounds or music. Remember, you'll be hearing it over and over and over. So watch out for music you'll get tired of. Nature sounds are usually a safer bet, since they fade into the background and allow you to concentrate or sleep without interruption. And you can have music of your choice on another player or on radio or TV.

2. Announcements

I don't know about you, but when I lie back and put my feet up and settle in for a nice snooze or bath, or quiet time with a book, the last thing I want to hear is some announcer droning: "You are listening to Such-and-Such Topic, a So-and-So brand tape, produced by the What's-It Company." This is no place for a commercial! I don't even want him to tell me exactly how I should lie back and relax my body parts. That's fine for a talk tape, or even a subliminal the first time you hear it. But once you've got the routine down pat, once you've drifted into that sweet limbo, and your tape on an auto-reverse cycle comes round to the start again, that voice can jolt you right through the ceiling. And by the time you've heard it a jillion times you may be ready to commit mayhem. So much for stress reduction!

My point is this. Lots of the programs have announcements. Some people may want them, though I can't imagine why. If you aren't one of them, be sure your tape or CD doesn't have any. (We at Alphasonics pledge never to bother you with any talk!)

3. Hypnosis

Some tapes have hypnosis on one side and subliminals on the other, while others are subliminal on both sides. Decide in advance what you want so you won't have any surprises when you unwrap your tape and pop it into the player. Hypnosis is a tremendously valuable technique and we have great respect for professional hypnotherapists, many of whom offer our programs to clients as powerful reinforcement between visits. Yet, for a hypnosis tape there are a few inevitable limitations: For one thing, hypnosis is spoken aloud on a single track, so only the minimal number of messages is possible. Secondly, hypnosis involves the conscious (as well as the subconscious) part of the mind and so cannot completely bypass your resistance to change, as subliminals do. The practitioners we know who've used both with patients have found Alphasonics subliminals more powerful than hypnosis. (Footnote#5) So a hypnosis side would probably decrease, not increase the effectiveness.

Also, hypnosis cannot be used while you do other activities, and the spoken words can get tiresome when heard over and over. There are several other advantages to subliminals on both sides, as you see below.

4. Subliminal on both sides?

If so, you'll never need to rewind. There are no spoken interruptions. You can use an auto-reverse tape player to keep it going seamlessly while you work, rest, meditate, or sleep. This extra convenience usually means you will use it many more hours. That in turn will bring you the best possible results.


I've given you lots of criteria, but you are largely dependent on what the manufacturer says in print. Saying it doesn't make it so, but not saying it is a pretty good tip off that a feature is not included. Why would they spend money to do something and pass up the marketing advantage of telling you? However, now that this Report has circulated widely, some audio producers may be tempted to claim things they don't have, since it is hard for the consumer to check. Or once they learn of the existence of this new technology, they may attempt to utilize it without knowing how to do it effectively.



1. Most importantly, they bypass your conscious mind and reach directly into your subconscious, which is the true source of change within you.

2. Bypassing the conscious also bypasses much of your resistance to change. That's why they often work where other methods fail.

You see, everything we take in consciously (from books or audible talk tapes, for example) is "filtered" by our conscious mind which evaluates it and decides whether to believe it, before allowing a severely censored version to pass into the subconscious. When someone gives you an extravagant compliment, if you don't believe it, you simply may not let that thought in. Suppose you hear a subliminal message saying, "You are wonderfully successful." Part of you believes it and part of you does not. The debate that sets up in your mind often completely sabotages the benefits.

The subconscious, on the other hand, is like a computer. It just accepts everything without judgment. The down side of this is that's how some of the negative concepts got in there in the first place — why some brilliant people believe they aren't very bright and some handsome people think they are ugly. Deep inside, they believed what they were told as young children, regardless of the facts. And because these ideas are lodged deep in their subconscious, they often keep right on believing them as adults, despite all evidence to the contrary. Garbage in, garbage out!

But this computer-like quality of the subconscious is also why positive affirmations from a subliminal program can go right to the subconscious where it counts, without interference of censorship by the conscious mind. It may take a great many positive affirmations, repeated over and over, to overcome the negative programming, which has built up over years.

3. The better subliminals allow you to hear thousands (and in the case of Alphasonics soundtracks, millions) of affirmations in a short period of time, to counteract both the negative programming from your past and the constant stream of new negative input from your environment. This is of course impossible with audible talk tapes or other self help methods.

4. They're convenient for busy people. Since they don't require your conscious attention, they don't take any time out of your life. You can listen while you do all sorts of other things — exercise, get dressed for the day, prepare meals, work, clean house, talk on the phone, even read or watch TV.

5. You don't get tired of hearing the same words over and over as you might with an audible talk recording.

6. Subliminals work from within, in a healthy, natural way. The changes never feel as if they're being forced on you from something external. For that very reason people often don't realize it's the tape that's working. They think they just reached their goals all by themselves. And that's OK! Since they're so happy with the results, we can't complain!

7. The changes happen without struggle. People tell us this all the time — people who've battled all their lives with a weight or smoking habit, or whatever their personal challenge. The battle's over, they tell us. No more forcing yourself to follow rules! You can just relax and do what you feel like doing. Because, now what you feel like doing is what's healthy for you.

8. It's an inexpensive solution, especially compared with repeated visits to places like smoking or weight clinics, or constantly replenishing your supply of diet powders.

9. Short term results: They work quickly for most people.

10. Long term solution: Unlike the superficial quick fix, the results are extremely lasting.

11. Best of all, you have the tape or CD forever, just in case you ever need a little more encouragement down the road. Once you achieve your goal, you can taper off or even stop playing it. Yet remember that this one time purchase gives you all the reinforcement you'll need for the rest of your life!



 1. Has it been proven that subliminal messages affect us? Yes! The Drs. Shulman "investigated the reports of thousands of experiments and tests involving subliminal stimulation," proving that they do. More about this later. (Footnote#6)

2. How often should I play these programs? At least an hour or two every day. It's important not to skip a day! Increasing the number of hours will bring even faster results.

3. When can I expect results? This depends on your receptivity and how much resistance you have to each specific change. With Alphasonics programs, which work faster than others, most people notice some results within a few days. For some individuals it takes two or three weeks or longer. Others notice a difference in hours! Once you achieve your goal, continue playing it for a few weeks to make the new habits your own. Then you can taper off and use it from time to time as reinforcement.

4. Are they recommended for children? Yes! Children are even more receptive to the benefits than adults because they are still so open, not yet set in their patterns of thinking. (All Alphasonics programs have underlying themes of self esteem and inner calm that are wonderful for getting the best start in life.)

5. Do I need expensive equipment? No, an ordinary $20-$30 walkman or personal CD player will do fine. Stereo is important for best results with Alphasonics programs because of the different channels for right and left brain hemispheres. Use speakers whenever earphones are inconvenient, although you do get somewhat more benefit with earphones.

6. Can these programs be duplicated? Although they can be played on an ordinary tape or CD player, the high quality tapes cannot be duplicated on standard home equipment without so much loss of quality that they would be ineffective. Alphasonics tapes utilize many layers of subtle tones and frequencies and we must use $200,000 equipment to duplicate our tapes. Duplication by the consumer is against the law, plus it voids all guarantees and warranties. It also violates all ethics and the relationship of mutual trust we have established with our customers.

7. Do subliminals work best during sleep? Since parts of your brain shut down during sleep, the tapes are generally more effective while you are awake, but you can still get benefits from them while sleeping. They do work especially well when you are relaxed. The relaxing ones can help you get better sleep. Avoid high energy tapes like "Peak Performance" at night, though, as they may keep you awake.



One week Professor A reports a study finding subliminals effective, and the next week Professor B proclaims they're not. People ask me all the time, how can these scientists come up with opposite conclusions? The answer is so simple! All subliminals are not alike! Those who test the good ones say they work. Those who test inferior ones say they don't. It's like the classic story of the blind men and the elephant. You're probably familiar with that. The man who touched the trunk said that an elephant was mighty like a rope, while the one who felt the animal's massive side thought it was mighty like a wall. And so on and on, as each man who touched a different part came up with a different definition of "elephant." So it is with the researchers.

Of course it's not quite as simple as that. Some of the studies are poorly designed and not valid anyway. Some of the researchers begin with an ax to grind and their minds already made up. This contradicts the very essence of the scientific method, which calls for open and impartial investigation. But what if they've already announced to the world that subliminals don't work, or that a rival colleague who reported positive results is a fraud? If their professional reputation is riding on it, think how easy it would be to ignore positive results and see only the negative. This can even happen subconsciously, while the investigator truly believes he/she is being objective.

Fact: Not one of the researchers who has come out with negative reports has tested the latest and best technology. I can say that with absolute certainty because the most sophisticated new advances have been made by Alphasonics. I have a complete list of researchers who have tested Alphasonics programs, and none of them has found them wanting. Not one of them has written a negative report. There may be researchers out there that I don't know about yet, but I do know that they have not tested programs by Alphasonics.

Actually, I seriously question the scientific method of any researcher who says subliminals don't work. He or she ought to be saying that the ones I tested didn't work. (Or better still, the ones I tested did not work in my particular study.) If they haven't tested all the different kinds of subliminals they are in no position to generalize.

Now in defense of the researchers, it may have been some over eager newspaper reporter, gunning for a sensational headline who looked straight at the professor's paper (which said exactly that) and still splashed it all over page one that "Subliminals don't work." Most of us see the newspaper article, not the research paper. So the sad part is that people like Marge with a weight problem that's out of control and Bill who's smoking himself to an early grave may pass up the best chance they have of breaking through their self defeating habits.

I personally invite any researcher who reads this report to test our new technology. We welcome all scientific investigation! I especially challenge the nay sayers to test it. After all, the scientific method requires open minded objectivity. Skepticism is fine because it keeps us probing, but cynicism stops investigation cold. If they scoff at subliminals without testing new developments, they might as well take their place among those who insisted that the world was flat. Or that airplanes would never fly. History is peppered with nay sayers. They're not the people who have been responsible for the great advances of civilization. That takes creativity, and creativity requires an open mind!

That's because the cynics only look backwards, at what has been done before, and insist that's all there ever can be. Creative people look forward to the possibilities. That is why they find them!



Countless scientific studies have shown the efficacy of subliminal techniques. (The Shulmans (the psychologists who studied this), as you'll recall, investigated thousands of such studies. ( Footnote#7) ) For example, in a series of experiments by different researchers, people who were asked to "guess" which three-digit numbers had been read to them subliminally gave about 80% correct answers, while those in control groups who had received no subliminal numbers, guessed about 90% wrong. ( Footnote#8 ) Suggestions about honesty imbedded in the music in retail stores reduce shoplifting dramatically, often by as much as 50%. Statistics show this in store after store after store. Note that the placebo effect could not have been a factor in these studies.

Yet with all the evidence, explaining subliminals to some people is a lot like explaining television to Marco Polo or fax machines to Genghis Khan.

In the best known 1957 experiment, popcorn sales at a New Jersey drive in skyrocketed 57.5% in a six week period during which movie goers were given subliminal suggestions to "Eat popcorn." (This misuse of subliminal techniques has often obscured the issue. Even today there are still those who

don't differentiate between their use by advertisers to influence consumers without their knowledge and consent, and their use as a tool by an individual who makes a conscious choice to do so, to accomplish personal goals.)

Even the scholarly encyclopedia of mind research, The Oxford Companion to the Mind from Oxford University Press, (Footnote#9) contains a section, "Subliminal Perception," which begins, "Perception without awareness, evidently taken for granted by such philosophers as Democritus, Socrates, Aristotle and Leibniz," is "still strenuously resisted by some academic psychologists." "Hardly less interesting than the phenomena of subliminal perception has been the resistance to accepting its validity." Then, after four pages of solid scientific studies, "Despite the very great evidence from many disciplines, there are still those who cannot bring themselves to accept the reality of subliminal perception." The author believes this to be a "carefully sustained prejudice [which] is itself a psychological defense," "presumably because it seems to threaten notions of free will." "Evidence of many kinds, including that from studies of behavior under hypnosis suggest that this is, to say the least, mistaken." In other words, subliminal learning does not interfere with your free will.



Now that we've provided you with all this information about subliminals, you know they can work for you. You know how and why they work and how to avoid wasting your money and time on tapes or CD's that will likely disappoint you. You know why Drs. Lee and Joyce Shulman, the psychologists who tested the subliminals and wrote the book, report that Alphasonics' principal technology developer, "Dr. Alexander Kirzhner has developed some techniques that are on the leading edge of subliminal technology." (Footnote#10) And you know why these experts who undoubtedly know more about this subject than anyone in the world right now -- have chosen Alphasonics programs for their patients and for themselves. You also know why they get such dramatic results, and how you can too!

While we can't speak for any other publisher, we can pledge to you that Alphasonics tapes and CD's meet, or exceed, every standard, laid out in this report. In fact, Alphasonics set those standards, standards that go far beyond anything available up to now.

We invite you to reap the many benefits for yourself. With a 365 day moneyback guarantee on results, you have nothing to lose.

What you have to gain is a richer life and a chance to reach your own potential in a myriad of ways. Perhaps these programs are all you need to remove what's holding you back. Then there's no limit to what you can do and be!

To your health, happiness, and success!!!

Susannah Lippman



We welcome inquiries from:

  • Health practitioners interested in providing tapes to clients, for whom we provide professional courtesy discounts.
  • Service businesses or retail stores interested in using subliminals as an additional profit center and a service to clients.
  • Corporations desiring to make subliminals available to employees for training and motivation or for promoting health and wellness.
  • Any organization or business interested in making subliminals a part of their program.
  • Researchers, to whom we provide information and assistance.
  • Individuals interested in subliminals for personal use.

Whatever your interest, we are glad to provide you with further information and work with you to make your project a success.


Lee M. Shulman, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist and marriage counselor who was a founding member of the Michigan Society of Consulting Psychologists and former secretary of the Academy of Psychologists in Marital and Family Therapy. He has trained and supervised psychotherapists at Wayne State University and the Merrill-Palmer Institute, has been a frequent guest lecturer for graduate and undergraduate students at many universities, and serves as Chairman of the Board of Advisors for the Simonton Cancer Center. He is co-author of When to See a Psychologist and has been in private practice for over forty years. Joyce Shulman, M.S.W., Ph.D., has a masters degree in social work from the University of Michigan and a doctorate in psychology from Walden University, and has been in full-time private practice since 1975. In addition to active practices in Southern California, both Drs. Shulman have investigated subliminal learning for many years, and have applied their special expertise to the development of subliminal scripts. Co-author, Gerald P. Rafferty, Ph.D., is a writer and publisher who also conducts a consulting and counseling practice helping people achieve their business and personal goals. Together the three founded the Institute for Subliminal Studies to investigate this subject further.

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